Additional Information

 Make it Happen is an organization created by two former graduate students whose goals are to educate and motivate students to find out what their passion is in life and go for it. In today's society, too many people settle for jobs that don't inspire them instead of going after their dreams. Make it Happen wants to let students know that they have the power to do whatever they want to in life. Not only does Make it Happen help give kids the drive to chase their dreams but also the tools and resources to help make their dreams become a reality. The choice is up to them to Make it Happen.

We offer a positive energetic presentation that gets the audience thinking what they can truly achieve. We ask them what is holding them back from achieving their goals and we offer to help to put together a plan to succeed.

Make it Happen Bios

 Lamont Estes (Co-Founder)

Lamont Estes is a successful entrepreneur as well as a career firefighter. He also is a published author. Lamont received his B.S and M.S from High Point University. 

John Tobias (Co-Founder)
John Tobias travels as a TV statistician for the NBA. He also does freelance statistician work for ESPN, Fox Sports & the NFL. He has a B.S from UNCC and a M.S from High Point University.